The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition | Majid Ali


The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition

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I believe the wisdom it contains can profoundly affect the health of our people and the health policy of our nation and the world.” Michael Schachter, M.D., Past President, American College for Advancement in Medicine

A compelling book that calls dieting a myth and gives original and innovative solutions to the problem of nutrition, health, and obesity. Geared to repeat dieters who have dieted their way into poor health.
This book also highlights Dr. Ali’s theory on oxidation as the cause of aging!

Chapter include
On the Nature of Obesity;
Stress, Obesity and the Language of Silence.
Why Dieting Does Not Work;
The Catabolic Maladaptation;
Life Span Food Choices;
On Limbic Eating!

If there were only a way to ensure that every medical student and resident had access to this material, it would be a great boon to the health of mankind. For ourselves we will be honored to have, to show, to learn, to teach and to practice from these texts.”
Jerrold Finnie, M.D. and Dolores Finnie, R.N.

…is a masterly blend of the intuitive wisdom of the ancients with the basic chemistry of life. The result is an enormously valuable book for those interested in nutrition and fitness.”
Hueston King, M.D.,
Past President, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy

If you are going to read but one book about your health this year, please make it The Butterfly and Life Span Nutrition.
Francis Waickman, M.D.,
Past President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine

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