The Cortical Monkey and Healing | Majid Ali MD

The Cortical Monkey
and Healing

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“…people who read this book will benefit from it.” Linus Pauling, Noble Prize Award Winner

Majid Ali, M.D. is a surgeon turned pathologist, turned immunologist, turned allergist, turned ecologist, turned teacher in self-regulation. He has written eleven books and more than 75 papers in various scientific medical journals in the fields of pathology, immunology allergy, human ecology, nutrition and self-regulation. Dr. Ali is deeply committed to his work in what he calls an emerging new possibility of a molecular medicine, a medicine which seeks to reverse chronic diseases and preserve health with non-pharmacologic molecular protocols of nutrition, allergy and chemical sensitivity, self-regulation and fitness.

Dr. Ali presents a new and extremely successful choice – the reversal of the disease process using autoregulation and a body-over-mind approach! Chapters include Ten Lessons Learned From Patients; The Elephant and Star Wars Medicine, Lata and Limbic Breathing; First, Do No Harm!

This is a fascinating book coming from a physician who was a surgeon who became a pathologist, immunologist, allergist, ecologist, and now a teacher in self-regulation. There are many little gems here.”
Norman Shealy, M.D.,
Past President, American Holistic Medical Association

“The new book…is a wonderful overview of the problems with ‘standard medical care.’ Dr. Ali mixes fact with philosophy into a unique and readable book. One can now clearly understand the illogic of “modern medicine” and the logic of “molecular medicine.”
James Frackleton, M.D.,
Past President, American College for Advancement in Medicine

“It contains many fresh insights and much common sense. I intend to use it as a primary reference during my medical students teaching sessions this fall.”
Jessica Davis, M.D.,
Cornell Medical Center, NY

“If anyone else told me of Majid Ali’s dictum, I would disbelieve it all. Majid’s expertise in so many fields makes disregarding anything he says a costly mistake. He has taught me autoregulation, and I have personally seen what it alone can do.”
Hueston King, M.D., Past President, American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy.

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