Dr. Ali’s Textbook – Volume 11 | Darwin, Dysox, and Disease – Principles and Practices of Integrative Medicine


Volume 11 of Majid Ali, M.D.’s Principles and Practices of Integrative Medicine.

Dr. Ali discusses Dysoxygenosis and varying chronic diseases.
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Chapter 1  Under Darwin’s Glow
Chapter 2  Darwin, Dysox, and Energy Deficit States
Chapter 3  Darwin, Dysox, and Integration
Chapter 4  The Oxygen Order of Life and Aging
Chapter 5  Oxygen, The Information Element
Chapter 6  The Dysox Model of Aging
Chapter 7  The Dysox Model of Inflammation
Chapter 8  The Dysox Model of Pain
Chapter 9  The Dysox Model of Coronary Heart Disease
Chapter 10  The Dysox Model of Asthma
Chapter 11  The Dysox Model of Renal Insufficiency
Chapter 12  The Dysox Model of Osteoporosis
Chapter 13  The Dysox State and Metalicised Mouths
Chapter 14  The Unifying Dysox Model of Hormone Disorders
Chapter 15  The Dysox Model of Arrested Growth




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